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Technology and Impacts on Human Health

Technology and Impacts on Human Health

Research efforts have been focused on the impacts of new technology on human health. One of the leading new factors is the technology of cell phones, which is predicted to have more than 1.3 billion worldwide users by the 2005. Cell phones have been of the fastest growing industries. Today most people have portable phones in their home, and/or cell phones. Theses devices are connecting people in convenient ways as their cost declines with the expand use.

Heath effects from phones and other communication devices is quickly becoming the focus of a great deal of research. It has been known that the subtle effect of light and colors with the human result in eyesight and that sound wave is energy transformed by the ear so we can hear. Tests have been done by the Microwave institute of Zhejiang Medical University that show the effects of exposure to environmental electromagnetic fields (EMFs) EMFs are used in the cell phones we use today. Visual reaction time was prolonged and the scores of short-term memory tests were lowered in high intensity exposure groups. These test also showed that the energy fields could affect the central nervous system and immune system. Chronic exposure causes changes in some physiological parameters.

Pregnant woman have been warned to be careful and wary of using cell phones after research showed radiation produced by the devices caused defects in chicken embryos. Researchers still urge pregnant women to use cell phones until all risks are properly assessed. British mobile phone specialist Roger Coghill said the findings were " enormously worrying". Research has also been done on the possible effects of radio frequency radiation on prenatal development through the investigation in mice.

Australian research has found one the strongest links between cell phones and cancer. Mice were exposed to cell phone radiation. Over periods of 9 to 18 months, the exposed mice had twice the rate of tumors as unexposed mice. The industry defense is "men aren't rodents". However, an unnamed scientist has been quoted saying " DNA is DNA". Normal cell growth in humans and animals is very similar.

Through the research of the biological effects of EMFs, it has been shown that even low levels of radiation can change the human body's sleep patterns, affect the cancer- fighting ability by harming the immune system, and change chemical signals between cells. It also shows that in some cases it contributed to Alzheimer's disease.

British scientists are insisting that cell phones carry a health warning. They have mounting concerns about the potential links between cell phones and health problems ranging from headaches to brain tumors. Mobile communication devices are arguably the most radiative appliances used today. Cell phones give off microwave radiation and the human brain can absorb up to 60 percent of that energy. The National Radiological Protection Board sets the standards for exposure in Britain suggesting that radiation limits are measured by absorption rates.

Already there are at least 15,000 reports on cell phone radiation. There have been reports on headaches resulted in cellular phone use as well as cell damage. There are reports of brain tumors caused by cell phones.

Literature now suggests that headaches can be due to cellular emissions. In these studies the energy used was the same in frequencies and modulations as those emitted by current cell phones.

Two new studies indicate links between cell phone use and brain tumors. The studies are not conculsive but the authors are urging less usage of cell phones. Some the project's leading researchers were contracted by Motorola to carry out the experiments. Two of these experts reported to The Express newspaper that companies tried to influence the results of the research. In quote "Motorola has been manipulative of the results that we and others have reported to them."

Some manufactures target children and teens, while experts point out the fact of kids are more sensitive to microwaves than adults. Cell phone radiation is absorbed 3 times more in young people then adults. The radiation penetrates more deeply into the skulls of kids. It is also so known that radiation limits are exceeded by several brands reported by ABC news show 20/20.

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