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should masia people be allowed to take a lion righ

Should Masia people be allowed to take a lions right HI please help me this paper if you have time. iam talking about lions and humans right and that is way i wrote please help me. iam writing philosophy paper.

There are different forms of experimentation on lions with different kinds of effects on humans. The lion is the African animal that Masia kill most. The Kenyan Masai tribe lives outside of cities and continues their traditional way of life alongside lion populations. The Masia are allowed to live anywhere outside of the city as long as they maintain their pastoral lifestyle. The Masai population has increased to more than 40,000 people, and now they can hardly survive on their cattle because the lions kill the cattle. However, the lion population has increased more than the Masai population. There is a lot of interaction between lions and Masai because the lions sometimes hunt cattle, bringing them into direct conflict with the Masai. Any livestock losses have a greater impact than in earlier years, and the Masai do everything they can to destroy the cattle killers. They have the right to kill anyone who chooses to interfere with their rights. Also, some people say Masia killed the lions to make lion skins for clothing not to protect their property. There are two arguments. One of them supports the lions and says lions have the right to kill the Maria's cattle. The other argument is against the lions and says that Masia have the right to protect their cattle and kill anything that tries to take their property.

First, Anthropocentric Individualistic Libertarianism says every person has the right to live as they choose compatibly with the same right of everyone else. This moral theory believes that the Masai should kill the lions if the lion is believed to be a threat to cattle safety. The Masia think that their cattle have the right to wander, run, graze and enjoy the environment without lions eating them; because the cattle are Masia property, they don't allow the lions eat to the cattle. Once the lion is found eating cattle it will be killed because Masia have the right to defend their cattle according to the anthropocentric individualistic Libertarianism. The Masia believe during the last seventeen years lions have also become vivid symbols of the conflicts between people and nature. Long relegated in our minds to the woods and bushes they are now showing up in suburbs, backyards and cattle home grounds. People are understandably concerned. In 1774, one woman died a after lion attack while confirmed deaths and injuries to pets and livestock by have increased significantly. These incidents reawaken the Masai public debate about lion management, including damage permits, hunting and other control measures. Some Masai want a more aggressive policy that removes lions from areas where they pose a danger. Masia have killed the lions in most of Africa and lions kill cows, goats, and other livestock for food. And on rare occasions they kill people. Lion's life is simply not as valuable as human life. Masia are more valuable than lions because a masia life always has far more potential than lions. So people killed lions to protect themselves and their property. The Masai said that lions have a much better chance for survival because there are many reserves where lions may not be shot if they avoid Masia property. The Masai believe the lion tries to avoid contacts with goats when human are around the cattle because whenever lions and Masia come into contact; the lion always loses.

The second argument used by Masia for hunting lion is that it is a great management tool for the lion population. Masai believe they should hunt lion because they think that without lion hunting the lion population grows out of control. This is a disadvantage to humans and to the lion. Masai say overpopulation of lions causes numerous problems to humans. One particular example of lions affecting many Masia lives is lions eating too many cattle everyday. Because of the overpopulation of lions, Masia loose their property. They also hunt the lion to keep it under control makes it less likely lions will destroy the trees and farms. Banbuuri, Kenya, for example, is not well developed and there are only several old farms. For many years, hunting has not been allowed in the area and it is causing many problems. Local residents are complaining because they can't raise their cattle or build farms because of the wild lions. The lion are so desperate for food that they will come right up to the people's farms and eat their cattle or even people. Also, many people in that area likely to raise cattle. There are people normally against hunting but since they are so frightened of the lion they have changed their mind and are willing to have professional hunters hunt the lion. That is how keeping the lion population under control and that helps Masia but it also helps the lion. Looking at Banbuuri, experts have said that the reason lions come up to the farms is because they are starving and there is overpopulation. The lions can't sustain themselves in the woods so they must venture around to find food. Third, Instrumental value states that the earth's resources are a bounty bequeathed to human beings, and those resources have only instrumental value in terms of the satisfaction of human need. Instrumental theory believes its okay for Masia to kill the lions because they have a lot of business incentive to sell lion skins. They were killing the lion because they wanted to make their own clothes. Masai thinks it is perfectly okay to kill lions for their fur and use their skin for clothes to wear. They send some of the fur clothes to the city to make some money. They believe lions provide good fur for clothing during rainy seasons and that makes them interested in hunting lions because they were making a lot of money.

However, anti-anthropocentric holistic Utilitarianism moral theory believes lions have the right to be free from harm by Masia. In particular, they believe that that lion should not be harmed for their skin to made clothing production. This theory supports lions because they believe the lions are living, breathing creatures and given life just as we humans have. This theory said Masai shouldn't be allowed to kill lions because they want to wear their fur skin for clothes. Some lion rights groups argued that there was no practical need for fur anymore. Lion's rights activists believe that fur serves only as a fashion statement, and the demand for it causes unkindness to animals. The lion rights groups their issue it still alive and worthy of debate and they do not think animals should be used for fur purposes. They also want to eliminate hunting and raising animals for their fur. The Moral right of lions is to be treated with respect and without exploitation. Lions are living things like humans, feel cold and rain like humans do, and have value. Everyday more than one hundred lions are killed because Masia blame them for eating their cattle, even though it is natural for lions to eat cattle. The lion supporters say we could look at the historical aspect of the situation and try to determine whether Masia actually have a right to live in the land or if it really does belong to the lion. Anti-anthropocentric holistic Utilitarianism said the lions have the right to live and to survive because Masia took the lions land and hunted the lions food. For example, if the lion can find a deer they wouldn't eat Masia cattle. Thousands of years ago before Masia came to this land it was a lion's land and there were a lot of animals that lions could hunt to survive. However, when the Masia people came to this land they hunted the animal and made some of the lion's animals their own property. Now the lion doesn't have anything to eat for food. The lion became started eating Masia cattle because it was the only way that lions would survive. But there is a large difference between the way lions live and the way the Masia live. The Masia try to have all animals and the land and make lions not to have place to live. According anti-anthropocentric ecosystem there is no way that Masia can take away lion's land and food because in the ecosystem they belong to the lion. Unfortunally, the lion became the first enemy to the Masia because of confusion over whether the lions or the masia right to the land. Lions have to struggle for survival even though the Masia are killing them. They had to fight for their lives and run away when they saw Masia who were trying to kill them. They have to eat Masia cattle as food to survival because it is their property. The lions defend themselves. For example, during the day the lion stay their holes until midnight so Masia will not kill them. After midnight the lions come out of their holes. They went to the Masia houses and eat their cattle because the lions have a right not be starved all night in holes. They have the right to be respected not kept in holes all day, the right not to be used as a tool to advance Masai interest no matter how important those Masai interests are thought to be. They also build their own holes, take care of and protect their life from Masia. The lion stayed in their holes because Masia wouldn't let them go outside to find a food during the day However, the lion is a meat eater and lions cannot live without eating meat. It most prefers to eat zebra and deer the best. But Masia see Zebra and deer's as their animals and lions shouldn't hunt them. The lions hunt mostly at night and Masai make every where light so when the lion saw the light it was afraid then go backing his holes. The lion drinks about three gallons of fresh water a day. If the Masai does not let the lion have enough water, it will dehydrate. After that the lions have to fight the Masia who want to destroy them. The lion usually shelters itself under trees or in the limbs and branches of trees to keep cool and relax. Unfortunally, Masia cut the trees and made their own homes. Since that happened lions started grouping each other and killing any Masai they saw.

I strongly support the lion because the lion is a living thing and it has a value in my side. I believe that lions have basic rights just as human's do. Lions should be allowed to live their lives naturally and without cruelty. Humans do not have the right to dominate or exploit animals for any reason. I believe that animals deserve treatment equal to that of human beings and that it is wrong for human beings to use animals in hunt and killing for fur. They feel pain and emotions just like us humans. When someone violates our rights, we get hurt which often results in some kind of action and fight those who violates our right. However, animals are helpless, they can't take any action because they are less intelligent then humans. However I do believe that humans are the supreme beings on this planet and that we are on the highest evolutionary scale, but still that does not give us the right to commit wrong acts to the animal. Some of the wrong actions that I strongly oppose are to hunt lion, destroying their homes, and not give the lion right to enjoy environment like human does. I believe lion would be free to live their lives; raising their young and enjoying their native environments without any human harm them. The reason I support animal was because when I was grow up my family have different kind of animals such as cat, goat and chicken. I think animal need a friend like my mom who make to her own full time-responsibilities, works with her staff to build waterproof cat houses, buy straw, and make neglected cats comfortable. These cats need their own neighborhood watch; they need someone who asks permission to walk them, makes sure they are all right, even looks out for them in case of a flood or fire, for hideous though that it is, people evacuate during emergencies, leaving their animals.

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