Friday, March 28, 2008

Philosophy - Free Essay -


Philosophy is a general overview of how our society functions by how we think and the many ways in which we act. It can also be described as the love of wisdom. As individuals, we are introduced to ideas that test our knowledge of the different concepts of life, with questions such as, Who are we? and Why are we put here? Philosophy and our daily lives are closely linked together. At work and or school, we are sometimes bombarded with question that may occasionally affect our way of thinking, and in some cases our moral beliefs. In the community, we are subjected to things that become integrated into our lives, and we are left with the agony of trying to figure out the right or wrong answers to the questions which was brought forward.

Philosophy is life. Without it we would not be able to ask the questions which are associated with the whole idea of philosophy; such as, Is there a God? Morally, we are brought up to believe that God truly exists through religion, but how can we be so sure? It has been said that philosophy does not have a right or wrong answer, but could it be that we as a community did not search hard enough for the answer? And can we use logic as a tool for answering philosophical questions? Philosophy has existed sine the beginning and it has begun to open our minds to new and different perspectives. To continue this process of intellectual thinking, we must first be open-minded and willing to accept change. The real question however, is whether or not society can accept the change that philosophical thinking can bring.



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