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My Best Friend-The Internet

My Best Friend-The Internet

Rachna Dave My Best Friend - The Internet "Technology" is the word derived from Greek word "teknologia" from early 17th century, which literally means "science of craft". One can say technology is the wave to future. While it may be easy to think how technology benefits society, we must understand that it is a double edged sword, one that can harm its users just as quickly as it can help them. However; Internet has played vital role in my life and I cannot envision my life without it, because it serves as a time and money saving tool, and it serves as a bridge for faster and hassle free communication with my family and friends. Time and money only seem to matter when they are running out; this statement is true for most of us. I was in the same shoes until I learnt that the Internet can be the best tool for me to save money and time. Virtually there are several ways to save time and money over the Internet; but, some of my favorites include online banking/bill payment, online libraries, on line reservations. First of all, online banking/bill payment is the best and most essential services offered in the virtual world. By taking advantage of this state of art technology, I get benefits like banking on my schedule at my convenience 24 hours a day. Using online banking services as a financial management tool has definitely saved me a lot of money. The ability to keep track of my accounts and balances closely and instantly has saved me from returned check and non-sufficient fund charges. Also, services like transferring funds, checking account balances, paying bills from privacy of my home or from anywhere, where I have access to a computer with Internet access adds great deal of convenience in my hectic life between school and work. Online bill payment is also time and money saver, for me paying bills every month is one of the financial chore that takes most time. After learning about online bill payment I haven't looked back at traditional way of bill paying method. With is this extraordinary services, I can rest assured about my bills paid on time and have to be least worried about my credit history getting affected negatively. Using online bill payment services has cut my time to minutes; moreover, it has saved me hundreds of dollars every year in stamps, envelopes, and checks. Other than online banking/online bill payment, concept of online libraries is getting very popular among the Internet users. Online library is like a giant sea where all the resources, books, magazine, journals etc are just flowing, members of the library can use at any hour of they day. For example, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester NY, offers the facility of online library where students with just click of button can access all library resources in seconds for 24/7 at there own leisure and time and at the same time avoiding hassle of making a trips to library, spending hours looking for the necessary books needed, standing in checkout lines and, possibility of incurring fines on past due dates on the material checked out from the library. Online library has been proven to be very useful tool in terms of saving time, money and convenience. I love to travel; saving time and money are two major issues to consider before making any traveling plans. Once again, I trust friendly Internet for making travel arrangements. To make my time and money worth I relay on the websites like,,, Price etc, these are just a few examples of the premier online planning and flight-booking sites providing unbeatable services by allowing me to dynamically build complete trips that combine flights, special hotel rates and other lodging, ground transportation, and destination activities, saving me tremendous wealth of time and money. In addition to all the facilities, I have the biggest benefit of comparing prices of the packages offered by the competitors, giving me more options of choosing the best deal I can get. The Internet has made our life easy, hassle free and convenient, allowing us to make more time for other important tasks in our life. Second, communications with family and friends are equally important as saving time and money. What better way it can be to get in touch with our loved once? I moved from India seven years ago and communication with my friends and family has always been priority for me. Among all the tools of communications available on the Internet, the most common and well-liked way of communication is E-mail, also known as Electronic mail, it is fast, cheaper, most convenient, verses snail mail that can up to days or weeks to reach at its destination. Along with E-mails, I also use Instant messengers like MSN, AOL, and Yahoo, which allows me to have one on one chat and voice conversation with my dear once around the world and country, giving me tremendous satisfaction. Instant messengers have built in web cam, where you can see each other while chatting; this is only possible over the internet. Files, photo sharing, video conferencing, and SMS are some of the wide variety of tools accepted among the Internet users. They are gifts of the Internet technology for people like me who stay millions of miles away from their families and still fill part of there every day life. Some websites like Yahoo, and Angelfire gives certain amounts of Mega Bites to build an personal home page, which can have all the personal information with public access to Chat rooms, and Bulletin Boards where it opens doors for sharing expertise or knowledge, and discussion groups which bring together people with common interest to exchange ideas, questions, answers, experience and comments. With the all the communicating tools offered by the Internet I feel like I am home away from home. Sophisticated tools like E-mail, chats, web cam, picture sharing, video conferencing, and group discussions are the most convenient, cheaper, hassle free, environmental friendly, and most reliable way to assure well beings of the people you care about. Technology has improved my life and it is impossible for me to live without Internet. It has made me more organized, technology savvy and efficient in communication. I firmly believe that the Internet is best friend a human can have.

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