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A Moment In HIstory

If I were to change a moment in history what would it be? Well, the most important moment I would change would be is the tragedy in September 11, 2001. That's the day when two planes hit the World Trade Center and when one plane hit the Pentagon. This is one of the most tragic moments in American history if not the most but also in the world history. That day we've lost thousands of innocent lives more than what we have lost in World War II. A lot of peoples bodies or remains where never found because of the crash or to some the attack to the WTC. Almost in all parts of the States there is somebody, a love one, a relative, a friend, or an acquaintance that we know in that building .The whole world

Watched and was surprise to see a very powerful country was terrorized very badly by the terrorists. Therefore, because of this attack it led up to a war between United States of America and Iraq which we believe perpetrated everything that happened.

To this date, we've been continuing to loose a large portion of our military soldiers in Iraq. So if this attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon never happened, we wouldn't have such a loss of lives from that and the war. Furthermore, when the tragedy happened, it destroyed almost the whole city and the lives of the people over there were never the same again. The World Trade Center is one the most famous landmark in New York City, and is also known all over the world. The rebuilding of these buildings will take a lot of years. Luckily, although the Pentagon was also hit by a plane, not a lot of people died in that building but it surely affected a lot of lives too.

So probably 9/11 would be the most major moment in history that I would have to change because of all the hardships our people and our country has been through and which also cause the loss of many human lives. This is tragedy we would never wish to happen to any country even to our enemies.

by Anonymous Student

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this is a horrible essay.


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