Friday, March 28, 2008

humanslife war religion and the personality

humanslife war religion and the personality

Crippled by social hypocrisy, widespread infidelity and natal bankruptcy, I was initially mystified about life and its integral value and sole purpose.

But as I wade through life, I successively discover monumental despair and infinitesimal instantaneous relief, which have scarred me with a meticulous, adamant and skeptical personality.

And as I mobilize (activate) my thoughts, I have unearthed from this reality that ignorance is bliss and the best motivator, but simultaneously it blind you from the truth. And to be intellectually gifted is very psychologically excruciating. Wishing for a juvenile psyche so as not to be heckled by humanity's ignorance and brutality to each other and the environment. But at the same time fearing to be blinded by ignorance and becoming engulfed ignorant entities like them.

Inoculated with a perpetual love for the external world, have lead to my disorientation in a jungle of religion. This made me realize that religion is just to give man hope of something to look forward to and to keep occupied .For without hope humans will become suicidal beings. Therefore, refuge from hopelessness is impossible for someone who has no religion or to someone who does not believe in God.

They live their routine lives not thinking why they are here or about the future or about another person's feelings, they only care when it catches up with them. Their stereotype indigenous personalities prevent them from asking simple logical questions and thinking outside the barriers of orthodoxy, where the truth really lies. For it is a childish minds that ask and answer the questions of the cosmos.

Humanity will never become a supreme race, for they are constantly victims of their own inhumane activity, mindless religions, prejudicial democracy and pride.

Sub-consciously they hold the key to the doors of their own destruction.

Postnatal scrutinizing of the totality of life have intoxicated me with unsolicited wisdom of life .For what I have learn in eighteen years humanity will take eternity to learn.

As I mobilize and coalesce my thoughts, I begin to wonder if my authentic sanctity for life, ethical axiom on the way of life and noblemindness has lead to my ultimate insanity.

Naturally immune to emotions, but mortally immunize with morals, have made me unlimited in mental strength.

Wounded by the thought, may be God is remunerating me with this malediction of underprivilegedness, for some deed that I have forsaken. Or may be this is gift from God, for if I had everything, I would not be appreciative, and self mutilation and destruction would have followed.

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