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Causes Of World War One

Causes Of World War One

World War 1 was triggered by many events leading to war such as Franz Ferdinand the archduke of Austria, the growth of M.A.I.N and, all these events and the people involved all contributed to the causes of World War 1.

Many events contributed to the causes World War 1 but one of the major events that caused World War 1Such as in June 28th 1914 Franz Ferdinand; France Ferdinand was the archduke of Austria and he plays a major role in the causes of World War 1. The reason why Franz Ferdinand plays a big role in the causes of World War 1 is because Franz Ferdinand was a threat to a terrorist group called the “black hand” from Serbia, the person who controlled the “black hand” was a colonel named Dragutin Dimitrijevic and the reason why Franz was a big threat to the terrorist group is because Dragutin Dimitrijevic was worried that Ferdinand's plans to grant concessions to the South Slavs to make an independent Serbian state would be more difficult to achieve, so Dragutin send three members of “Black hand” to assassinate Franz Ferdinand. The assassination of Franz Ferdinand was a great success and a victory to Dragutin and because of this Austria demanded revenge, so the Austrians declared war against Serbia by joining alliance with Germany and Hungary, this made it more complicated for the British army with an additional country as an enemy Austria and also made it more difficult for the Germans because Austria has made alliance with Germany meaning Germany has to fight Serbia as well and because of these events this is one of the causes of World War 1.

Another factor that caused World War 1 was M.A.I.N., Militarism, Alliance, Imperialism and Nationalism. Militarism was a cause of world war one because the British Empire had a very strong Navy and Germany also wanted a great navy and France and Germany were competing for a great Army and other countries and nations were to do the same as them. Alliance was another cause of World War 1 because countries all around Europe wanted to make an alliance to countries around them because if they are at war with another country the allies have to help them in the war as well. This is just what happened when Austria-Hungary went into war against Serbia. Also in the summer of 1914 there were two made alliance one was the triple alliance which had Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy and the other was the triple entente which contained Britain, France, and Russia. Also another cause was Imperialism which was that European countries would rule smaller countries this was called colonies and competed with one another to reach much more colonies, by then colonies were now to be called imperialism. Both Britain and France had many colonies in Asia and Africa now and Germany and Italy wanted to have colonial empire too. The last part of M.A.I.N was Nationalism was include when political conflicts, the causes of the which include Nationalism-Patriotism led European nation competed to have the largest army and navy or greatest industry development which made counties in Europe push themselves to make more resources to build a better colony or large army which would lead to more conflict to cause world war one.

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