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Mission Statement Welcome to Awareness for Humanity

Our purpose is to be a venue for truth and awareness. The information provided here is available to people from all walks of life in order to make them better aware of the truth behind many age-old and controversial issues surrounding political and religious issues.

Awareness for Humanity members are not afraid of discussing contentious religio-political issues. It is only by being a resource and through discussion and education that Awareness for Humanity can bring "Truth and Awareness" to the pain and suffering that has been caused over the ages in the name of country and religion. We follow in the traditions begun by those who fought for America’s freedoms, who spoke freely and without fear of secular or religious consequences.

Some of the information here may be difficult for some to accept, especially on the emotional level, and is especially likely to enrage religious fundamentalists. The time is now, however, to speak out against the suffering and devastation that has been the result of millennia of interference in human affairs by monotheistic religious movements.

It is important to understand that it is not our intention to denounce religious beliefs of others or to deny them their right to worship. Rather, we seek to illuminate the truth behind religion. Monotheistic teachings have unintended consequences on the human mind, and just as the ruler of a nuclear power does not understand fully the power they control, so too people do not understand how powerful a religion’s influence is over their lives.

All three religious denominations, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, are filled with fictitious pious rules for human control and have doctrines of eternal damnation, which lead to hate, death and destruction. All three are also monotheistic religions.

Monotheism has a history of being a doctrine dedicated to absolute human control. It is a teaching that is out of sync with basic principles found in science and nature. After more than 20 years of extensive research and interviews of followers from various religions, it has become clear to me that the politics, duplicity and hatred within even the smallest monotheistic congregations is very similar to modern-day politics. The conflicts spurred by these religions result in the pitting of friend against friend, father against son and even husband against wife, all over things such as control over finances and major decisions. These congregations spread a bomb of hate and war wherever their ideology is propagated, and they create situations in which religio-political conflicts are increasingly more common. Battles over which religion is correct in their faith coupled with religious zealots in positions of religious power result in hysterical masses all calling out for Jihad or Crusade. It is within these religions’ doctrines that one can find the language that could create a hidden religious warrior, encouraged by radical text and religious fanaticism. Monotheism has proven itself to be a ticking time bomb of misunderstanding, but mostly it has caused bloody war over the ages.

It is time humanity governed itself with reasonable principles ; not by way of ancient hierarchal systems of fantasy, illusion and hate. Better to follow kinder, simpler principles. For example, a basic and fundamental principle of the universe, cause and effect, suggests that one reaps what one sows. It would therefore suggest people practice reasonable principles when executing their power as a nation in every venue across the globe, from adhering to non-interference policies to acceptance of cultures and religions of other civilizations.

When will the human race make the leap to a higher and deeper compassionate way of thinking? When will people ever pull themselves out of this religio-political avarice, anger and stupidity?

Since its inception, America has been plagued by a corrupt, extreme, religious monotheistic cult movement, now running rampant within the veins of our now frail government and throughout the world. Takers of youth and innocence; the keepers of war tools; the keepers and makers of secular human law, transformed by greed into tyrannizers; reckless hungry behavior; insatiable desire; an unquenchable thirst for power, money, and fame. The spiritual descendants of those who massacred thousands all in the name of their God.

Nevertheless, the perplexed and predisposed "passive" drone-like masses follow their hollow, monotheistic, and twisted promise. Dogma blinds them of the rampant break-down of individual rights and constitutional discrimination, even when the American child is lost in the shadow of poverty and despair. Soon it will be "hail Bush," "be sited," or worse! Yet the world remains virtually idle in the wake of this massive religious crime that has spanned thousands of years.

True spirituality and the honest political voice drowned out by the corrupt political spin, the arsenal used by extremists devoted to an ideology based on thousands of years of brutal assimilation. Rich and powerful secret societies, overwhelm the masses with dark religio-political tactics, used for ages by occult practices. It is the "survival of the monotheist" ideologies, born from the Old Testament (Bible) and Koran of which admittedly contain a malignant eye-for-an-eye theology. Thus, a continued perpetuation of a murderous doctrine, an insidious brainwashing propaganda; the trampling upon the weak; these are all facets of the frail world that is unfolding in our midst.

We must make every effort to become benevolent beings and put down the discriminate sword of religio-political doctrine that always leads to bloodshed. We should open a sound path for the child. Is this not what we all have in common; our family, the hope of freedom to believe as we wish, peace and security? Each individual must be free to readily pursue all of their hopes and dreams in a manner that is completely unfettered by government or religious intervention. World leaders must have real human qualities, carefully elected from compassionate and qualified professionals: real people. We must prevent extremists from being elected to our governments.

And yet there has been a complete conflict of interest for some in the current Bush administration (those with oil interests), many of whom should never have been appointed to office unconstitutionally. The lies and deception that the Bush administration has forced upon the world will hurt our nation for generations to come. This is reminiscent of what has occurred in our own nation, with the American political system being swept up by the religious-right’s assimilation practices. Because of this, we have been thrown back into the Dark Ages by the political poison of right-wing monotheism. Their so-called faith-based initiatives are unconstitutional and interfere in our private, religious, and business lives. I too, was fooled by their lies while vulnerable to the tragedy of 9/11. These politicians have proven themselves to be the most treacherous rulers that have ever occupied our government. They have single-handedly done more to take away our civil liberties, through the camouflage of fascism they call the Patriot Act, than all former presidential administrations put together. These violations of the American civil liberties must be acted against.

Just as we should not violate our own rights or cause ourselves harm, we should also never do the same to others. With Iraq as an example, however, it is clear that this administration has absolutely no concern for anything but the promotion of corporate interests and their dark and hedonistic ambitions to assimilate other societies into our own. A strong military is an important asset, but it must be used for the protection, and interest, of our own people and our nation’s sovereignty. It should not be used to begin a preemptive war in concert with color-coded rating tactics that are used as propaganda tools to whip people into a state of fear.

The problematic relationship between politics and monotheism can be further reflected upon when analyzing the current United States President. Mr. George W. Bush has mentioned in past speeches that he believed God had chosen him to carry out his work. Many in the religious right believe this to be the case, but how can this man truly believe he has been chosen by God? What could be more insane?

When will humanity learn that our environment (the conditions we live in at this life moment) equals what is in our minds, or thoughts of faith (Thought, deed and action). Now, one can look in every direction and see their hateful philosophy for life coming into play, all the war, political crime and confusion it can muster. It really should not be surprising, since history has shown us the stark result of imperious religious influence on a nation, and the world as a whole, especially when the Koran or Bible are introduced from within a government.

Now putting aside the obviously unqualified aspects of Mr. George W. Bush, as well as his oral communication break-down, this entire administration should resign. Not only should they do so due to the discovered treasonist act by Mr Carl Rove, but for the overall corruption that has been this administration’s life. They are promoting an extreme religious ideology that takes us back to many of the extreme right-wing tactics perpetrated by Mussolini, Stalin and other dictators.

Here, at Awareness for Humanity, one will always have a place to speak freely. It is our intention to make the world aware of the true problems and where their "Roots" lie. This is not a cowardly talk show used as an arm of our political system, nor a sound piece for the government to skate around the true and toilsome issues that really face the human race. And it is not a media-controlled religio-political dogma created solely to out-Fox the public. True human awareness means facing the root of a problem, and thus challenging it honestly and squarely with reasonable and principled ideas.

The human race must learn that no matter how right and just a trusted news person, priest, minister, or anyone else may seem, if their ideas are rooted in the Old Testament or Koran then they are based on illusion, hate and old unethical religious practices. These practices have all been well-documented throughout history to have caused cataclysmic religio-political breakdowns wherever they are spread, and proof is available to be seen on this site in the form of various scholarly essays. This site provides real proof of how these movements have been a monstrous human social disaster. No one can dispute this wide-spread fact. We have thousands of years of bloody proof!

The real and hard question is; why do people want to hold on to so much misery and malevolent superstitions, which are the results of thousands of years of brainwashing?

People need to free themselves from the karmic chains of monotheism, created by ancient, evil and powerful men, born only from their desire to control and manipulate others. Monotheism is the human identity killer! No matter how appealing some of it sounds on the surface, if the doctrine it contains is fundamentally evil, and thus flawed, or if the root of any religion is based on control and hate, then the cause-and-effect relationship, the karmic result of your faith, will always be spiritual disaster for you and your environment

Yes, there is always some kind of result from all human prayer, but if it is the wrong prayer it will always be followed by disaster. This is a basic fundamental principle of the universe, the cause and effect of it. History has shown us that the human mind can be both extremely powerful and extremely weak, and, whether we like it or not, what we intend and believe effects us all in very profound ways. Thus, as the Koran and Bible’s philosophical theme of the coming of the "Final Judgement Day" and "Jihad" spread by way of the fanatic and "passive" masses, so shall that country erode from within. What the majority of the people think effects both life and environment. Clearly we now see violent weather is on the rise everywhere, causing horrific unnatural storms, one after the other. Pestilence threatens to be a world-wide pandemic, natural disasters seem to be growing, political unrest and internal strife have already begun, and the threat of nuclear war has become common place. It seems the added effects of propagating the philosophy of the Koran in America has already taken its human toll, negatively effecting both environment and human social well-being. It has a well-known history of causing destructive social and political unrest, as does Christianity and Judaism. Remember these religious movements all come from the same source and spread by the religio-political dogma, i.e. brainwashing.

Nevertheless, instead of declining, these destructive religio-politcal movements continue to assimilate others into their sphere (cult mind-set). Truly humanity should be extremely fearful of the Islamic and right-wing religious movements. It is the proliferation of cult-like principles. Thus, killing the authentic human spirit and creativity, while rejecting normal human desires; crushing a woman’s free spirit and natural creative abilities solely for the purpose of control, the most hideous form of male jealousy. In the cult-awareness section on this site, we provide evidence of how these congregation are using many forms of brainwashing explained in this section. People need to understand that these religious doctrine’s were designed purposely to void out individual human identity -- resulting in the total submission by the adherent. Rather than propagating such doctrines, we should be trying to educate people about these doctrines proven, destructive, mind-controlling cult theology. This is essential, as the scale of the death and misery these religions have spread since their inception speaks volumes, but the worse has yet to come!

Why would one want to follow in the footsteps of those who massacred thousands in the name of their God? If people would simply open their eyes to the truth they could only come to realize through awareness and education that these religious beliefs are mind controlling cults. On every corner there’s a born again Christian store selling their wares like Amway sales people. In every place a person tries to work and live, one finds the bigotry and narrow mindedness that comes with the bizarre monotheists, who are constantly crusading arrogantly to push their self-righteous indignation on the rest of humanity. See, for example, how quickly people were so taken in by the movie, "The Passion of the Christ," which is so very American. It seems that in this case the Christian-right approves of this Hollywood bloody feature. There’s also all of the nonsense and ignorance taught to people on monotheistic television shows, such as The 700 Club network of Tele-Evangelical lunatics.

Thus, we at "Awareness for Humanity" pray to the universal laws that govern heaven and earth, that the entire human race may come to its senses. May we have the courage to try and take the steps and time we need to reflect on what we have been taught as children by society, parents, and teachers (preachers), of which has caused so much death and destruction in the world. Do we want our children to have a chance at a benevolent and happy life? Have you really looked at what your religion honestly says? Questioning a religion’s doctrines is essential in seeing the truth about them. Look honestly at what it is doing to your country and everyday existence. Have you asked the hard questions? Can you even get an honest answer? The religious women I have interviewed secretly hate their religion, especially Muslim women. "It is all about control for the men," they say, "rules to enslave my poor children and the young innocent daughters." In fact, most religions have one form of discrimination against women or another, ranging from treating them like second-class citizens or making them inferior in some other way. It is an interesting coincidence that these religions and their texts were not written by God himself, but rather by men - the same men who stand to profit from the degradation of women. They were not printed in heaven and sent to us by Federal Express. We truly need to get a grip! It is, after all, the 21st century!

So now that we know that the brainwashing starts at birth, what can we do as a species to stop it? Have you really read the Bible or Koran? And if so, do you really understand the true theme and meaning these texts actually tell? Ironically, the theme is much like the world in the Middle East today! They are doctrines based philosophically on discrimination (i.e., shown only to be a destructive philosophical formula for spiritual and political disaster), and are based on ancient old doctrines, contrived solely to control the masses; born from the "whip and the honey" -- occult-doctrine– religio-political tactics. I will try and explain these later.

Thus, our purpose here is to create a honest venue for discussion and awareness that will give people a real and tangible independent perspective on these age-old monotheistic doctrines that have spewed hate for thousands of years, resulting only in the spread of war and death across the globe. We invite all people to be a part of the conversation, here at Awareness for Humanity, to try and improve human conditions and find real solutions and answers to these age-old problems. Isn’t it time to converse about such serious social problems and the obvious hate these religions spread? We are not endeavoring to pick on any one person or religious group, we are only questioning the dubiously suspect doctrines, books, and preaching of the so-called divine, which has caused so much trouble. We deeply care about each and every human being, regardless of race, gender, or religious beliefs, but we believe true mercy comes from telling the truth, no matter what the risk is to one’s reputation or safety.

Humanity needs to learn how to have a more positive outlook, rather than following the doctrines of eternal damnation, the radical dogma, the fire and brimstone and Jihad, as taught in monotheism (Old Testament, Bible and Koran).

The world can be a harmonious and beautiful place, it is everything we think it to be. So let us have this most painful and difficult conversation without hate or war, but instead with passion and hope for a new future based on reality and ideas that are principled on science and proven methods. Let us leave old superstitions and fantasies to be analyzed as a history lesson, and the bloody past to be only found in school books so as to never forget. I mean really, Intelligent Design? Certainly this is an oxymoron!

We welcome people from all walks of life with open arms, especially those individuals who are religious and are interested in sincere and honest dialogue – both to answer questions about their religion, or to defend it. As long as a civil discussion can be upheld and the gap of hate between Christians, Jews and Muslims is bridged, the discussion will lead to the betterment of humanity. This is not a place, however, to inflame others through irrational rants. All people, even non-monotheist, have the right to dissent without being accused of being Antichrists!

The world is seriously tired of all the hatred and silly superstitions and fighting caused by religious fanatics. It is time for them to stop their religio-political assimilation and time for them to be just and fair to all of humanity’s beliefs and not just their own. They must take their so-called God and religion out of our government and schools. Awareness for Humanity wants to inform people of world religio-political history, which now clearly shows us that monotheism only pollutes constitutions and their followers. Three proofs have been provided: documentary, theoretical, and actual proof. They are contained within the contents of this site and among the plethora of basic information found in science and a good library.

Human beings need to wake up! We are all the same race of beings. We should be celebrating the beauty in all cultures. Monotheism divides cultures and people! It destroys the beauty that could have been, the natural, rich, and wondrous history of the real individuals of a nation. They are those who toil to make the hand-made goods and the products that feed and clothe their nation’s citizens. Is there not great beauty in all of humanity’s cultures? Look at the achievements in math and science borne from the Middle East. There are wonderful Arabian cultures filled with a history of music, art, science and so much more. The same holds true for all cultures; the refinement found in China and Japan; and the amazing dancing and world class artists from Russia; and so much more. Only to be crushed by religio-political dogma!

Why don’t we spend our resources on enriching other cultures with massive, global humanity drives while sharing ways to a better life for all? Why doesn’t the world join in to help our human family in Africa and other troubled nations? Have we considered that we might all share the same place when we die? It may be wise to consider that it might be our turn next to be reborn into an ungovernable and inhuman place next time around. Maybe if people honestly learned to live as if their lives were eternal we would all be a bit nicer and more concerned about those less fortunate.

In modern society, only those not affiliated with any politically religious cults can see clearly how monotheism effects a culture negatively! Unfortunately, the poison has spread far and wide.

The problem lies in society’s ideals. Think about it. What are we spending the lamp oil of our lives on? What have we devoted our eternal lives to? We are holding on to old theologies perpetually born from an age of darkness. We hold on to a religious movement that brought the Romans and many other cultures to their knees over very similar religious issues. These were cultures, much unlike our very own, which lasted thousands of years. Meanwhile, America is now just a little over 200 years old and yet it has the ability to destroy all life as we know it with a single flip of the wrist. Too long the world has been playing this eternal-damnation tune without dissent, sung by a monotheistic political choir, orchestrated and directed by the religious right.

The problem many people don’t want to face or talk about, especially in mainstream media or politics, is that the core teachings of monotheism are fundamentally flawed. They constantly skate around paradoxical issues such as political correctness, attempts at not inciting hate and confusion, and the "ratings." Hasn’t the human race learned yet that truth will always bring reprisal. The facts are that monotheism lacks any real philosophical foundation for people to live by, the results always ending with spiritual disaster. Ironically, this misery is brought upon humanity by those who employ monotheism’s doctrines, which were created for the sole purpose of controlling the masses. Worse yet, these doctrines are now claimed to be God’s word!

Will we ever learn that the end result of spreading these religious beliefs will always result in some from of totalitarianism? No matter what supporters might say, it is a hierarchal dominant system. .

The Devil and the Demons in Monotheism

Should one research ancient texts to see who the true devil or demons really are? Ancient texts teach us that it is always the demon of control that one needs to be cautious of. The demon is found inside evil people and those spreading evil doctrines in order to gain human control. Westerners miss many important ancient cosmological tales because of America’s narrow political and educational practices. For example, on the U.S. dollar bill one can find the text, "In God We Trust." It means that as the instrument of monetary power, this monotheistic almighty God and the almighty dollar are fused together as one. It is an imbuement of an instrument of hunger and desire, captured in a monetary-graven religious image; God and Money as one. It seems like a clever trick, with the world of insatiable human desire and a hierarchal dominant system enshrined together, breeding avarice, anger and stupidity. Money is the monotheist’s true object of worship. It is the pursuit of wealth in the name of their God, fused with the super-mundane world of imperious greed, which is destined to always lead to human hate and destruction. This is but one of many symbols on the dollar bill, others which include the secret Order of the Illuminati and some encrypted government messages of planned assimilation.

It is said in the ancient text of the East that the Devil of the sixth heaven, is the demon of control. Thus, one who is possessed by such demon works to control others through the same evil doctrines taught by priest or other so-called holy men. Thus, they are the unenlightened beings who open themselves (the poisonous gate) to these monotheistic faiths and subject themselves to such rampant evil non-human energies. No wonder the monotheists have always had priests that must perform exorcisms, which incidently are on the rise.

The irony of the esteemed Christian-capitalistic U.S. dollar is that it is well-know in Eastern thought that paper (wood) is consider a living organism. Thus, it has the properties that make it possible for it to gain energies from external powers, i.e. imbuement of a deity within the paper itself. The worshiping of wooden carved statues and paper scrolls in many religious beliefs of the East and West have been common place for thousands of years. Thus, the dollar and "In God we Trust" are enshrined as one entity and as the method of control and prosperity (this is well-known to be the doctrine of the "whip and the Honey," essentially the same doctrine used by Hitler and Stalin). It is a brainwashing tactic of promise and reward for the faithful and includes strict and severe rules regarding absolute final damnation to all those who fall from the faith or break commandments (rules, laws) within the doctrine. This, of course, is determined by the priest, holy man, or what have you. Regardless of how anyone spins it, this is exactly what the doctrines of monotheism teach and it is their underlining ideology. Imbued into our monetary system, one which we are all now forced to use, it is an insidious poison within our nation, an un-pure way of life forced on those who may strive for the right livelihood.

If one would just simply look at the cause-and-effect relationship of these doctrines and how they have effected our world as a whole they would clearly see that they are destructive cults, in all of their disturbing forms.

Hence, one of the questions this site asks is; now that we have thousands of years of proof that the monotheist and their theologies teach and spread primarily hate by assimilation, which we have seen always leads to someone's death, what are we supposed to finally do about what is derived from this collusive Old Testament?

Isn't it time to awaken the world to the truth?

The human race has finally reached a time in history where literary, historical and scientific facts have revealed an epiphany, a bright new world , an eye-opening event for humanity, and a shocking reality that the Bible and the Koran have been eclipsed in the modern wake of human awareness.

In this way, may this site always be a ring of bright light shining around the eclipsed moon of such past religious ignorance, shining truth on the false and psychologically dangerous teachings that have caused so much suffering and unnecessary death in our world and upon our race! When will the human race learn that when we kill another human being we are killing humanity as a whole?

It must stop!!!

Accordingly, I wrote this, and the following, in hope to shine light and awareness on the entire human race.

Very Sincerely,

Stephen Paine

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The Brutal Assimilation ~ Peace and Security dissertation: Added:4/8/2006 4:47:43 PM Stephen Paine Religio-Political The Brutal Assimilation ~ Peace and Security for Humanity through Awareness, Truth and the Universal Laws that Govern them ~ (My relative theory with proofs, concerning the religio-political propagation of monotheism).

History has clearly illustrated that the religions of this world are simply born from the avarice, anger and stupidity of man. And in almost every case the monotheists have propagated their religious doctrine through extreme force, coercion, brainwashing and bloodshed. This is in direct conflict to what one would expect to find in religion. One would hope to find high ethics in a true religion, an honest way, a pious life, with a true sage or prophet and his or her disciples propagating their religion through efforts of expedient and peaceful-means.

The Great Right Thought

Not many would argue that our lives are only a short moment in time, and if for just one moment we could look at the world and see it as it really is we would most likely approach things from a completely different standpoint.

For instance, when Eastern philosophy refers to the vessel of the human mind as being pure or un-pure, what is it saying? That the clean-water of our thought-mind, i.e. the "True Compassionate Mind" becomes upset and deranged when it is mixed with un-clean ideologies i.e. wrong and dangerous thought?

It is saying that evil thoughts, deeds and actions bring about bad karma, and that all causes, good and bad, accumulate into our own personal karma.

Thus, it is not surprising that Eastern thought teaches that the way to true salvation lies within living in harmony with others and nature. There are many dimensions to our cosmos, so we should be careful of the type of thought, ideological or religious, we let enter our mind and body.

Moreover, in many various fields of study an exact formula is needed to attain certian results, just as we find in science, and medicine. This experiment can be further extended into our daily lives. For example, following "Cause and Effect" in our everyday lives seems like a sound formula for happiness and eternal harmony; such as restraining from evil thought, deeds, and actions that may cause harm to ourselves or others. Much like a mathematical equation, the effect of "The Great Right Thought" is exacting. Shouldn't we work to keep the balance of our good Karma in harmony with the universal laws that govern them by becoming masters of our own thought, deeds, and actions.

Consequently, the human race is perpetually interconnected, but it is beyond our human ability to sense such intrinsic co-dependent origination. As a race, we create our own karmic past, present and future. Therefore, what we digest ideologically and politically as a race affects every aspect of our existence, i.e. our eternal being and our external environment for generations to come. As our bloody past shows us, there have been many societal leaders, going back even less than a hundred years, that have had extremely destructive ideological views: Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini, to only name a few. Hence, what enters the human thought (mind), can pollute it. This is especially true with young responsive minds, which are easily swayed. Unfortunately, people in this world have a "hive mentality," it seems to be our karma to have a deep-rooted cyclical genetic behavior to follow other supposed spiritual persons, such as holy men or even rock stars. Surely, in the matter of priests and so-called holy people, throughout history they have clearly shown us that they should not be trusted.

Frankly, the Pope and his priesthood’s pedophile activities clearly show the entire world that if monotheism has no real power to even change a priest, how can any common person ever hope to be able to change their eternal karma or transcend to their so-called monotheistic heaven? Shouldn’t one’s faith consistently equal how they live every day? The thought, deeds and action’s of our daily lives make people who they are. Faith will always equal daily life!

Thus, rather than depending on some erroneous miracle by men such as Jesus, Mohamed, or Yahweh, of which one of them supposedly died for all the horrific sins human beings commit; doesn't it only makes sense that a person must follow the strict laws of the universe, i.e. cause and effect, to find real spiritual awakening and eternal salvation? It would simply be absurd and ridiculous to do otherwise. Humanity grows tried of such ignorance for control, you might as well tell us the Pope can fly, or people can walk on water. How preposterous!

Sadly, the majority of people in these denominations know little about the real origin or the true nature of their own religion, let alone what it really means, much like sheep being herded to their pastor. From cradle to grave.

If people would just stop and read what they have exposed their "Eternal Lives" too! Do you honestly know who your real spiritual descendants are?

You may be shocked to find out what your religion really teaches and what a bloody past it really has. Thus, again it is taught in Eastern thought that when one takes faith in any religion they become the spiritual descendants, the brothers, sisters, mother and fathers of that denomination. Consequently, your past, present and future become tied to everything within your religion’s past. That means that if you join the Ku Klux Klan this very moment you are endorsing everything they ever did. Now all they are, is all you are! There can be no separation karmically. One cannot just sweep away the murder committed in the name of monotheism and then later say that religion is based on sound and compassionate principles. The faith and the faithful are inseparable for eternity, and it becomes a shared cyclical life and death condition of the same wrongheaded thought shared lifetime after lifetime. You remain as one with your religion karmically with all those of the same such minds in both life and death. This is a fate monothesits will face and share as both the victor and vanquished until they can chnage their mind's of faith (thought, philosophy on life). Look at the suffering the Jews, Muslims and Christians have karmically had to face already as a people. To be victor or vanquished all depends on who’s turn it is this time around. The cause and effect relationship from our past is always mirrored in one’s existence; thus, the religious beliefs that destroy the harmony of other living things are created by the wrong doctrines (poisonous thought has penetrated deeply into their minds), holding back the true enlightened nature of our beautiful but fragile world.

Truly, now in our modern day and age, one can honestly say, openly, and publically, that these radical monotheistic doctrines have been a cataclysmic formula for religious misunderstandings that have lead to the deaths of millions of beings, solely because they refused to submit or were caught in the cross fire. Hence, the main reason for this site!!

The world needs to hear the truth! The time has come to make the world "Aware" of the truth about the dangerous doctrines that exist in The New, The Old Testament and the Koran. The real, and now recorded, history of the monotheists’ "Brutal Assimilation" is a modern day fact! Just as we have seen, for thousands of years the monotheists have propagated their religions by relgio-political force, first by the sword, and now they use their position of power in politics with modern warfare as their whip. They offer their promise of democracy and prosperity for all those who submit, and death and destruction for all those who refuse. Sound familiar? The philosophy (theocracy) of monotheism in all its glory, the fire and brimstone, the ideology of jihad and the crusades, perpetually on the front lines of human suffering. History clearly shows us that the basic philosophical foundation of monotheism is unethical in nature, while its basis for salvation is obscured and contradicts even the most basic principles and reason found in science and nature.

Thus, the very nature of monotheistic doctrine is fundamentally flawed, both philosophically and scientifically. As they say, "the proof is in the pudding." Again, all we have to do is look around and see the hate these religious movements have caused over the ages. For example, a very peculiar phenomenon is the recorded historic fact of the assimilation of the African American and Native American cultures into the ideology of monotheism. People forget that monotheism quashed their indigenous beliefs; first by control, enslaving them slowly and assimilating them into monotheistic ideological thinking (actually, interpolate monotheism over thousands of years of oral tradition), the antithesis of their native American beliefs. History shows us that our government worked to actually digest the American Indian and African American cultures among many others. Only to then reinvent their fundamental religious beliefs without them even realizing what happened. The insidious, imperious, religio-monotheistic ideological assimilation, a religio-political and cultural regurgitation. Unfortunately, humanity remains in the dark for the most part regarding these assimilations, and only a select few that I have interviewed seem to understand the extraordinary irony in it all.

I believe the question America should ask itself, is: "Are we proud of the legacy we have been spreading? Are the spiritual descendants of the historically monotheist nation morally OK with all the death and human suffering their religious beliefs have caused and are still causing? Humanity should be greatly concerned if the suffering is justified morally and ethically in the minds of those who carry on the crusade to spread this monotheistic religious doctrine, one which crushed the pure-hearted spirituality of the American-Indian culture and others? It saddens me deeply to have learned about so many beautiful cultures that were influenced by the darker parts of monotheism and our disturbing social history, gambling, alcohol and worse.

Eastern thought and philosophy

Fortunately, eastern thought is a very different story, one that provides both a reasonable theory and common sense to explains the true nature of the universe. There is no creator-like theme of damnation and a final judgment day, like we find in so many born-again Christian movements and at the heart of the Old Testament.

As a race, we need only one universal law to live by while keeping our religious beliefs personal or respectfully public. It is humanity living in harmony with heaven and earth, i.e. science and nature. No one should have control over another, neither man or woman should have chains on their hearts and minds of faith. Humanity must learn to live with their own karmic human-life decisions. It is not for me to judge or rule others, nor them to rule me. Following reasonable principles by way of our own hard and honest work, we may manifest ourselves as true fathers and mothers of the human race. Let us strive together as a race for the pure, eternal and omniscient living-expression of the highest possible "Compassion and Truth." I believe the highest form of compassion for all living things is found in striving to help others with Truth and "Human-Awareness," while never intentionally causing harm to other life forms. As science and human compassion teaches us, all living things are connected. Why do you think we feel so much pain when we lose someone close to us? It is because a part of us has also died. Caring about someone’s eternal life, to me, is True human love.

Humanity needs to live by the laws that govern the universe. CAUSE AND EFFECT IS A SOUND PRINCIPLE AND ASPECT OF NATURE’S CYCLICAL UNIVERSAL MECHANICS, SO TO SPEAK. Let us leap forward and become the masters of these universal mechanics. We should seek and listen to our humble scientist, teachers and our honest doctors among others. I believe that as a race we can find the way to peace and harmony if only we would just truly and sincerely seek it.

Won't human harmony be the living expression of human-compassion? A simple formula, a reasonable principle, that brings humanity to a place of peace, harmony and global equality.

Are people so blind that they can't see why the ideology and religion we spread is so important? If it is rooted in evil and has a track record of causing death then isn’t it time we reflect on the doctrines that we are feeding to our children?

Frankly, I have found that when speaking with monotheists about religion they can become quite irate. Thus, when someone boasts or preaches to me that they believe in the Bible or Koran, I realize at that moment that I am fundamentally not dealing with a person of sound mind. And rightly so! I mean honestly, just simply based on the dark and illusionary theology they believe in is good enough reason to give any sane person pause. But setting that aside, it is a fact that monotheists, and especially those of the Islamic faith, become very volatile during any honest religious exchange.

I believe that the pure stream of all virtue and the good and compassionate medicinal medicine of the universal law is always open to all those who honestly work to be compassionate and of pure-thought, deed and action. I find it strange however that most of the monotheists I have met seem void of such genuine intrinsic philosophical understanding of goodness? It seems one can always find a pure-heart and reflecting mind in a kind and honest person unfettered by monotheism. Monotheism Discriminates Innately against Humanity as a Whole

As a proselytizing "religion of salvation," Christianity may be the most wide-spread religious movement in the world today. Let us set aside for a moment any comparisons with other teachings and let us instead analyze Christianity’s credo of salvation as offered in Christianity. If we take a fundamentalist or literalist comparison, taking each religion more or less at its word, we reduce each theology to its most basic level, thus giving us a fair way to compare monotheism with Eastern thought..

Each tradition appears to offer salvation to all people from a loving or compassionate being or universal method of enlightenment through faith. The concept of true salvation by faith alone is well known in Christian scriptures, however, so is the discriminating concept of eternal damnation for those who fail to take faith:

Revelation 14:10 in the Bible speaks of the undiluted fury of their God and the smoke of their torture rising forever, while the Gospel of Mark 9:43 speaks of the fire that cannot be put out. The Bible goes on to say in 2 Thessalonians 1:8-10 of a fiery vengeance from their deity and the eternal loss of those who do not accept Christian teachings. This is also the general idea of Mark 16:16, where those who believe and are baptized will be saved while those who do not believe will be condemned.

Additionally, Christian scriptures exclude specific individuals from salvation; even the repenting of one’’s offences will go unmercifully denied. All three "Synoptic Gospels" confirm that those who commit the so-called Sin against the Holy Spirit (Mark 3:28-30, Matthew 12:31-32, and. Luke 12:10) will never be forgiven and are guilty of an eternal sin. [And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him; but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world (age), neither in the world (age), to come. (Matt.12:31,32.)]

Similarly Hebrews 6:4-8 holds that it is hopeless for any apostate from Christianity to repent. Even if, like Esau in the Old Testament (Genesis 25.33 and 27:30-40), the sinner regrets his decision, he is still excluded forever (Hebrews 12:17) (cf. also Hebrews 10:26-31). For sinners such as these, Christians are not even beholden to help deliver them to salvation by faithful prayer (1 John 5:16).

Christians have since tried to make excuses or explain these insidious verses in metaphorical terms and clever words, but their ancestral "divine" words of scripture remain forever as an integral part of their faith.

Moreover, despite the will to save humanity by way of their Christian deity (John 3:17), the same so-called deity deliberately dooms certain people simply on a whim. In Romans 9:17-18 the deity deliberately hardens or is merciful to people. Ad 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 states that the Christian almighty god deliberately makes some people believe falsely so that they will be condemned: strange to note that this is not a corrective punishment, but eternal torment and damnation. The implicit comparison is that "we are merely analogous to the clay worked by a potter and have no right to question any of this" (Romans 9:20-21).

Thus, Christian salvation is clearly for a relative few, as is seen in Matthew 22:14, "For many are called, but few are chosen," and in 1 Corinthians 9:22, where Paul of Tarsus takes on various guises so that he can save some people (but evidently not all).

At the same time, Christians are compared to a fragrance, smelling sweet to the saved but foul to the condemned; i.e. non-believers who meet Jesus through Christians are confirming their certain destruction (2 Corinthians2:15-16).

Consequently, our karmic bond to religious attachment (holy places for one) and the wrong ideological thought chains us to the lower paths of hell, hunger, and anger of this world. The desire for wealth and fame take the place of hope and compassion, and religious fanatics line their pockets using tele-evangelical prostitution while using Biblical scare tactics to extract large sums of money from their converts. They initiate a radical and dogmatic fight over their childish and idiotic religious attachment for some ridiculous so-called Holy land.

The latest in this pattern is the abomination, "The Passion of the Christ," which is actually a good example of the bloodshed to come. From the beginning till the end (consistency from beginning to end), the movie is filled with brutality and hatred that is born from the cause and effect of an evil teaching that has followed the original path it set out on. This path is one of continual bloodshed and hatred from the beginning to the planned Biblical end of final damnation.

As we have learned from our own history, the world is what the majority of the minds of the people think it to be. That is why humanity should follow the laws of the universe, not people or renegade governments. We should never trust in what people or priests teach without our own investigation, especially when it threatens unpleasant consequences if others do not do as they are told! It could be equated to spiritual rape lasting thousands of years all relegated by holy men.

Doesn't it seem natural that one must have the right thought and the correct mind of faith to enter a stream of pure truth and compassion. I believe one will know when they are on the right path when their entire being is filled with the strong desire and compassion to honestly want to help all living things from the suffering of this world, rather than working to exploit others for slave labor or other dark means.

As a race it seems to be our karma to continue to waste and destroy human lives generation after generation, and, based on our history so far, most likely planet after planet as well.

Again, looking to Eastern thought (which is not completely free from it’s own philosophical quagmires), it is hypothesized that even after long durations of time the conditions for such a beautiful macrocosm for human life are extremely rare. But how does Humanity treat this wondrous gift and our fellow living beings? With the paralyzing and profanely disturbing atrocities against one another and our Mother Earth, with no end of wickedness in site, how could we ever expect that our existence in this realm will ever endure for very long? If we have any good karma left, after a million billion eons and we have an opportunity to be reborn as human beings (an extremely rare occurrence) we would be exceedingly fortunate to be able to appear in such pristine adaptable mortal conditions.

How will we avoid the same cycle of fate?

When will humanity ever learn that no matter where on the planet an individual comes from each human life is as precious as the next? Let their be no confusion: the wrongful death of each human being is an extremely heavy mark on the karmic designated effect (Karmic Storehouse) for the human race!

The power of humanity thinking collectively like modern enlightened-beings; what questions would humanity consider in 2006?

If each person could begin to fathom the negative effect that is karmically spread to the human race collectively by the offenses we commit those same people would all ensure that not one person would ever be afflicted by the same offenses. And, if by way of some good karma, the proper conditions for life continue to manifest the wonder that is human life, will Humanity then continue to abuse and destroy it?

It seems reasonable to say that the more we know about the universe and how it functions the more we know about ourselves and our environment. This in turn leads to recognition of the similarities and almost family-like bond between ourselves and all other living creatures. Intelligent design falls counter to such logic and instead delves deeper into the dark side. This governmental, religio-political and procedural assimilation of a theory is a concept that is truly void of intelligence.

Thus, common sense and science would suggest that the "Right-Thought", allows our original minds to naturally inherit the true compassionate nature of the universe, i.e. the universal law mechanics. In turn restoring the original sound and compassionate mind that is the eternal compassionate-home of all living things. Our minds need to become in tune with the reality of our existence; thus, I believe accepting the world as it really is, IS the first step towards this awareness.

Yet, collectively we are co-existing in an infantile manner, with many insane ideologies sprouting about. One of them is a monotheistic religious formula that has proven to lead its followers, and even the innocent, to a hellish existence.

Thus, the true and stark reality is that the world has been brutality assimilated by these religious movements, and we now have thousands of years of proof of their cause-and-effect relationship on our world as a whole.

Monotheism has hijacked the American political system by using any tactics available, voter fraud included, to propagate their evil teachings. With the religious-right now openly vowing, with all the religious fervor one would expect from the radical-right, to continue their plan to assimilate other cultures. It is a united cult-like vow to control the vote (the world) at any cost for more of the same extreme right-wing agenda. This is Americas, the world's real collusive religious enemy!

Therefore, it is time to speak out in hope we can make the leap to STOP and reverse this dangerous religious path our ancestors set out on thousands of years ago. Through historical facts we now know that our ancestors knew little about their reality and the real science of nature. Why not be the generation that STOPS it all and says, "This was not a good idea, or the right way of living. We need to discard this ideology or way of thinking because it has been causing people to have a negative and destructive behavior."

The whole of humanity has the wisdom and "Human Awareness" to make a leap a thousand years into the future. This kind of an ideological-shift would result in a new philosophy on life, and it would transform our world into a wondrous place of compassion, hope and the sharing of knowledge and a living perpetuating happiness!

In contrast, what we have now as a race is a solid track record of harming life. This is our legacy, we are collectively brutal monotheistic killers.

Humanity needs to find alternative energies within the private sector. Oil has become the demon, and we went to Iraq for Geo-startegic reasons, fueled by the events of Iraq changing curreny to the Euro, instead of remianing US. Thus, the war in Iraq, is for the purpose of world dominance, a religio-politcal geo-strategic war. Thus, wee need a committee to watch government, elected from the common people by the people, real community awareness to thwart this insanity. Whatever way possible, each citizen needs to sincerely begin making efforts to clearly understand the true nature of their own reality, i.e. the real meaning of the universe, and how the decisions we make effect our everyday lives. In this way we can transcend the lower paths of illusion and the continued insidious marketing and exploitation of innocent women and children. It is merely an ancient form of human bondage, caused by, and found in, the erroneous literary works called the Old Testament and Koran, teachings that have kept the innocent, poor and uneducated trapped in its grip of religious dogma and pure ignorance for too long. Humanity must take a stand against such stupidity in a age filled with so much knowledge, wisdom and human kindness. I speak out knowing it will make the religious hate me or even want to kill me, but is this not proof that what I say is true?

Similarly, no true and compassionate religion should have a doctrine that even suggests the killing of another being. It has become exceedingly clear to me that monotheism has been negatively effecting our tiny little world for ages, and it has clearly been robbing our world of all things good and natural. The middle East is a clear relflection of their religions, and some of the powerful Jewish people must learn that others deserve the same respect as they would expect. The chosen people, indeed! The word Chosen, translates to "favored". How telling.

Global Humanitarian Laws

There is, and must be, an intrinsic equality for all of mankind, giving them Intrinsic Universal Human Rights. This is mandated by the laws that govern heaven and earth, and based on a law we all know to be true and constant with science and reality, simply the birth of a human being. Universal global protection for every human being. We must establish a "Global Humanity Law." Torture must be un-acceptable anywhere, and must be a crime that is enforced the world over. I will just say based on cause and effect that those who would order torture or torture others have made the cause to receive the same but multiplied effect karmically. The torture of any life, is the most grave offence: the intent to inflict pain purposely is an extremely heavy Karmic designated effect as taught in the ancient text of the east. Intent is everything!

While the laws of cause and effect are surely more final then any human secular law, the act of being born should be the only visa a person will ever need in order to establish their rights to all freedoms anywhere on free earth. This would especially include freedom from unconstitutional and illegal imprisonment or federal taxation that crushes the human spirit of so many normal every day lives. Human resources must be applied to supplying medicine and feeding the starving first as a "Global Human Preservation Law", to stop world hunger before we invest a dime in any military anywhere on earth, and this must include our environment. After all, the majority of the funds collected go to pay the imperious order of dark knights for the religio-political agenda. There are special interest (lobbyist) groups that extract the lifeblood of those toiling day-in and day-out, honestly believing in the American dream of equality. While the drone like masses have faith in the very doctrine that has created the imperious dilemma, the religio-political agenda of a capitalistic government of corporate super-greed, a bottomless pit of human oppression and suffering, taking away more than half of what people earn. When will it end? If I employed people and paid them only half of what I promised them it would be called slave labor. No agency should ever have so much power as the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America does. They are truly the parasites clinging to the bowls of the common American worker that continue extracting assets from the very lifeblood of generations of honest working people, all so that a few can live rich and powerful lives.

And as our young are once again being sacrificed for an old monotheist war that was started thousands of years ago. Our president and his colleagues fill their pockets with the booty from war, exactly like their spiritual ancestors. It is a war fueled by our nation’s now-plagued monotheistic dogmatic ideology, lacking any philosophical foundation whatsoever. And since its inception has only used our government media to spin the real hidden American moral message of "liberty and justice for all" to their dogmatic phrase of "God and Country." Intertwine their twisted doctrines into our constitution while riding on the shirttails of the America citizens, only to promote their sick religious dogma while pludering the future of our grandchildern both economically and environmentally. Not to mention they will be living in a very unstable world, especially at the rate we are losing our civil liberties, as we see with the NSA spying. These people are acting just like Nazi fascist. Humanity has seen the world’s nations use propaganda and false statements in politics to promote their personal ideologies. They spread their ideology of assimilation of other cultures through coercion and brutal bloodshed in almost every corner of our earth, and there is little hope we will ever be able to turn the tide of thought to those of reasonable principles. However, we must strive to speak the truth, no matter what the persecution. The human race is entering a dark period, and it seems we are being forced into the monotheist’s eternal damnation.

Thus, I feel our responsibility as human beings is to save our nation by putting forth the right thought and "Human Awareness" while each person does their best to make the right causes for peace and harmony by living through ethical principles. I hope each person will find time to refute erroneous views that are ever-increasingly polluting our world. Please join me in my efforts by writing your own personal dissent. They can all be posted freely here.

Ultimately, it is easy to see that the world we live in is simply the clear reflection of the majority of the minds of the people. People of this world must learn to live by the strict laws of cause and effect if they ever want to see real lasting change. The common sense of cause and effect would suggest that by taking another’s life it would be extremely difficult for those people to be reborn in human form anytime soon, karmically waiting a very long duration of time indeed!

When a person’s belief system is grounded in a philosophy based on the preservation of life and an awareness of principles based on cause and effect, a person will think more carefully before deciding to kill a living creature. Life will take precedence over malignant eye-for-an-eye theology. Most adherents to monotheism have no real understanding of how their financial and spiritual support destroys our nation’s fair and just voting process. This voting process is a constitutional right given to every American, one that is supposed to be based on a citizen’s free will, one not controlled by the fear of God! Hence, in the strictest sense, the religious-right and those under the dark spell of the Koran and their converts are effectively under mind control. If these people could only come to realize how they are aiding evil people in controlling and manipulate our nation’s destiny through brainwashing. Just look around, monotheism has had its time and we can clearly see the insidious results on our nations and cultures.

Lastly, humanity should be deeply concerned that we are falling back into ignorance of religio-political issues comparable to the Dark Ages due to government-sponsored religion and the removal of our basic constitutional rights by the fascist Patriot Act.

May this site always be a beacon of light and hope for all of Humanity to become more "Aware" of the reality of the world as it really is!

We want to sincerely thank all the many sites we have linked. We share a dream, a quest for global peace, a harmony and enlightenment for Humanity and all living things.

~ Best wishes for our fragile world,

by Stephen Paine, awarenessforhumanity at usa dot net



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