Monday, March 10, 2008

Art in the Workplace

First impressions are always very important. The minute a prospective customer or visitor walks into the reception area of a company; the image of the business is set. Art in the workplace is important not only to visitors but also to employees. The atmosphere portrayed when entering a building is all important and who knows, each person visiting, may be a potential future customer. If you make an impression, they will remember you.

Art in whatever form can be a useful diversion and distraction from all the ugly things that also go on in an office; the cables, the piles of papers and, let's face it, computers are hardly the most aesthetically pleasing of objects. The right piece of art in the right place will work wonders and can make a huge difference to the image and therefore, at the end of the day, the profitability of the business. It can be uplifting and intriguing and feed the curiosity of those who visit and give them an insight into the people who run the company. It can reflect an open- minded approach, a business that is switched on culturally and open to new ideas and working patterns.

Each year companies spend millions protecting their brands and corporate identities from infringements. Whilst your business may not be such a high profile or multi national business the different forms of communication that come from a company, in every shape and form, from the use of fonts on logos and letter heads to colors and designs influence the minds and therefore the actions of prospective clients.

The whole package that you are trying to create reflects your values, expertise, personality, promise and vision. In a similar manner the art that people see in reception of meeting rooms reflects the personality and culture of the business.

Art can be ever changing. It is easy to transform the office by turning a summer scene into to a winter wonderland, to match the changing of the seasons. A whole new look can be created by just moving pictures and using different colors and styles. This stimulates the minds of employees and influences their creativeness. Employees filled with enthusiasm can make a business that is successful.

Try to look at your business from an outsider's point of view. What impressions are formed when visitors first enter the building? How do your employees feel when they come to work, are they uplifted by their surroundings?

The image that you have created for your business must be shown in all forms of communication, from letters, deliveries, through to visits to the company. Employees are an important source of information and their opinions should be taken seriously.

Your business is important and if you want to get the most from it, then take time to ascertain the differences that can be made to your employees by changing the environment in which they work. Your clients will be more receptive to your ideas and overall your business will improve and after several months there should be a reflection in your profits.



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